Who Is The Most Beautiful Girl in Vancouver, BC is in this picture
The Prettiest Women Vancouver, British Columbia has to offer

Her name is Sarah Koh …

How did I manage to get so lucky and meet this gorgeous girl? Stumbling into each other’s lives as randomly as we did has become one of the biggest breaks in my 24 years of living. In an environment where most Vancouverites are snobs, you embody the complete opposite. You were beautiful from the start but as time wore on became even more beautiful to me every day which is the total opposite of most relationships. I give thanks to every single day I have with you and continue to be thankful for all the more days that are to come. Happy 24th birthday to you my beautiful girl and I hope you get a kick out of this little thing I’m doing for you. You’ve kept me happy and capable to continue in life when things seem to be getting tougher. Knowing I have you in my life motivates me to do better, and you bring a well-needed balance in my life when I feel myself getting lost in my work. Spending precious time with you brings a smile to my face, and our connection with one each other is an extraordinary thing that cannot be replaced. It’s almost three years to the day I met you, and we’ve come so far, haven’t we? You are by far the most beautiful girl in Vancouver, BC and I want you by my side for the long run. Dating in Vancouver is hard they say? I don’t feel that way with you like every moment I spend with you is a blessing. My feelings grow stronger for you every day, and there are no signs of that slowing down so let’s grow together and become the best versions of ourselves. Who is the most stunning girl in Vancouver, British Columbia? Her name is Sarah Koh.