Vancouver’s Chinatown was built in 1890’s and has been a staple around the community with its vibrant colors, unique cuisines, and exciting culture. The Chinese population of Vancouver came to be when a number of Chinese workers joined the city to work in local mines and build the Trans-Canada railway. It’s an area filled with rich history that will have you amazed and also is the third biggest Chinatown in all of North America. Another fun part of Chinatown is the retail stores along the blocks started by young entrepreneurs in the city so if you wanted to get your hands on exclusive clothing then it’s where you can find all the latest trends.

chinatown bc from the 1960's

Food & Drinks

Some of the best restaurants you can find in Vancouver’s Chinatown are as followed:

  • Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie
  • Phnom Penh Restaurant
  • Sai Woo
  • The Ramen Butcher
  • Virtuous Pie

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