What’s So Special About Vancouver, BC?

Who doesn’t like living in a city with a high quality of life? Vancouver city in British Columbia is acknowledged as a town among the top ten most livable cities in the world. It is a city with a high preference to conserve nature considering that forestry and tourism are its two major industries. You may not have considered purchasing property in this town, however, covered below are some of the reasons why buying a real estate in Vancouver is a great opportunity.



  1. Its livability – Vancouver stands as one of the most livable cities in the whole world. Ranging from its stability, friendly environment, and the availability of nearby social amenities, Vancouver city, ranks higher than other cities in British Columbia regarding livability. With such services available in Vancouver and a broad range of real estates to choose from, you should consider placing this city as the leading city on the list of cities to purchase a property from in British Columbia.
  2. Good climatic conditions – The climate in Vancouver, BC doesn’t get too extreme especially in winter seasons, making residents in the city comfortable running their daily schedules. Unlike other British Columbian cities, Vancouver enjoys more sunshine and less snowing making it a comfortable place to live.
  3. Friendly people – Vancouverites are known for their warm welcome to tourists or visitors in the city making it a place you can quickly adapt. The kind and generous gesture from the city’s residents leads to attracting more people to visit Vancouver. So, if you are a Canadian from another city or a Vancouverite, owning a real estate in Vancouver is an excellent opportunity to meet more friends and have more comfort or venture into the real estate rental business.
  4. Education – There is an extensive range of training services in Vancouver ranging from daycares, kindergartens, primary schools, high school to universities. Besides, there is a variety of creative kids learning centers that help in nurturing children and raise their interest in learning. Most adult education centers in Vancouver also offer international education programs making the real estate market more profitable when it comes to accommodating residents from other countries.
  5. Extensive shopping centers in Vancouver, you can manage all your shopping conveniently without having to visit several centers with no success. The variety of malls in Vancouver, BC provide a range of options for you where you can attend to all your shopping under one roof or in different places depending on your preference. Besides, these shopping centers are near restaurants and transport facilities making your experience even more enjoyable.
  6. Recreation and entertainment facilities – In British Columbia, Vancouver city is well known for the variety of leisure and entertainment services it offers. Such services include ice rinks, fitness centers, indoor pools, skateboard parks and much more. Therefore, this means that with a big family, all members can find a facility that well suits their desire.
  7. Employment opportunities – In Vancouver city, there is a diversity of businesses and industries offering both part-time and full-time jobs. Growth in companies in Vancouver leading to a rise in workforce employed leads to a greater demand for the real estates which results in more profit for landholders.
  8. Nature In Vancouver, not only the climate attracts people but also its breathtaking environment for viewing. The oceans, mountains, trees as well as the multicultural city serves to make this place one of the most beautiful places to live. While most people love to reside in such environments, owning a real estate in Vancouver city can serve to be a significant investment considering that you can also sell it when property appreciates.
  9. Considerable growth rate – Given the population statistics in Vancouver, it shows that the rate of growth is consistently rising which means a better market for the real estates. With the increase in the demand for housing facilities, buying a property in Vancouver, BC for renting purpose would serve to be more profitable in the long run.
  10. High returns – The real estate market in Vancouver, it is known to withstand or recover more easily after severe conditions. In British Columbia, this city has the reputation of regaining its real estate prices faster after an economic crisis. So, in the case of an economic downturn, you can be sure that your property can still give you good returns making the real estate market stand as a significant investment in Vancouver city.



Having covered some of the reasons you should buy a real estate in Vancouver, BC we can infer that this is one of the most charming cities in British Columbia that one can be comfortable owning property either for renting or living. So, buy a real estate in Vancouver and benefit from the friendly surroundings.

Article courtesy of the Drywall Contractors in Vancouver